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Aug 2004: Dave is one of seven contributing authors to this factual account of the battle. The book went into a reprint within 12 months of its release. Currently in its fourth print. Click on the cover to read more...
Available as a book from A&U (unendorsed) -
Aug 2005: Dave's first book is a 'faction' story where the 'fiction' is in the characters of the VC and NVA leaders but as much as possible of the rest of the story is fact. Currently in its second print.  Click on the cover to read more...
Available as a book from A&U (unendorsed) -
or as an eBook -


'Long Tan by the Commanders' = Aust$35 plus postage.
'Through Enemy Eyes' = Aust$30 plus postage.

Each book endorsed to your specification

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Download LONG TAN PowerPoint presentation Version01e

Download a 50-slide animated Powerpoint presentation by clicking the red text at left.
(new version 01e updated Thu 4 Aug 16)
It's a PC version and runs on Powerpoint version 2003 and later.  Enjoy - it's free!  Careful - it's about 5.3Mb (with the extra pix!)
(If the presentation doesn't work on your PC as expected, please check your Powerpoint program version. Click on HELP, then ABOUT - is it 2003 or later?)  (If you don't have Powerpoint 2003 or later, I'm told that Open Office Impress will display the file - and Impress can be downloaded from the Net free, too!)  (Vista OS users should right click on the "Download" text first to choose Save.)  (Several Mac users - running various Op Sys's and Office for Mac 2004 - have said that the presentation works fine on their Mac's. Try it on yours!)
VIETNAM and EUROPE Battlefield Tours

In 2009, Dave hosted an AVVRG (see their website http://avvrg.org.au ) Tour to the area of Australian operations during the Viet Nam War. It proved so successful that those on it demanded it happen again in Oct 2010... and 2011...  That happened and was coupled with a second Tour that visited other "Decisive Battlefields" in Viet Nam, including Hue, DMZ, Khe Sanh, Da Nang, Hanoi and Dien Bien Phu.
This pair of Tours was again so successful that we're repeating the pair of Tours in Oct annually.

We've also developed a Tour for 2014 to the Europe Decisive Battlefields (WW1: Western Front; WW2: Normandy), having ANZAC Day 2014 at Villers Brettonneaux.  If you're interested in this tour please click here ...for our Travel pages....


used in the VN Tours

Here are the Powerpoint slide presentations
Dave uses on his Viet Nam Tours:
 Click here for 01 Dien Bien Phu.pps     (3.4 MB)
   - the battle that ended the French Indo-China War;
 Click here for 02 Starlite.pps               (3.1 MB)
   - the arrival of the US and the escalations to war;
 Click here for 03 D M Z.pps                 (5.9 MB)
   - the DMZ (De-Militarised Zone) on the NVN border;
 Click here for 05 Long Tan.pps            (3.9 MB)
   - an overview of the Long Tan battle;
 Click here for 05 Oz in Phuoc Tuy.pps  (5.4 MB)
   - more pix and text about the ANZACs in Viet Nam;
 Click here for 05b Coral Balmoral.pps  (7.8 MB)
   - FSB Coral and the Balmoral defended location;
Click here for 06 Khe Sanh.pps             (2.5 MB)
   - the 'seige' of Khe Sanh;
Click here for 07 Tet 68 Hue.pps           (6.9 MB)
   - the Tet 1968 Offensive, particularly looking at Hue;
Click here for 08 Hamburger Hill.pps     (4.5 MB)
   - the A Shau Valley operations incl Hamburger Hill;
Click here for 09 Lam Son.pps              (8.7 MB)
   - the last offensive of the ARVN's war;
Click here for 12 Dich Van.pps              (857 KB)
   - the only battle we lost - the North's Propaganda War;

Please note that these are used for 'live' presentations, so the 'live' narrative contains more than the slide text does.

Please feel free to use for any respectful purpose. Credit 'Dave Sabben MG'. Thanks.


Here's some of Dave's public talks & writings...
 Click here for 14 Aug 2005 'we won our war' talk
   - our war in VietNam ended in 1972-3, NOT in 1975;
 Click here for Aug 2006 article in INFANTRY Mag
   - the relationship between jnr officers & snr NCOs;
 Click here for 14 Aug 2009 'the AVVRG' talk
   - the AVVRG continues the 'WHAM' role in VietNam;
 Click here for 2010 'ANZAC Reflections' poem
   - after death, a soldier reflects on memorials & care;
 Click here for 15 Aug 2010 'The Nek/Honour' talk
   - what made men 'go over the top' to their deaths?;
 Click here for 25 Apr 2011 'ANZAC Spirit' talk
   - ANZAC as a shared national identity for Aust & NZ;
The Latest talk:
Click here for 15 Nov 2016 'Correcting False History' talk
   - what if a lot of what you think you know about
       the 'Vietnam War' turns out to be wrong...?;

Please feel free to use for any respectful purpose. Credit 'Dave Sabben MG'. Thanks.

Most recently (July 2012 & ongoing), Dave's put together a page defining a pictorial history of the Long Tan Cross... Click here to view the page - maybe you can contribute to it???


In the pipeline... Click here to see what recent, current and future projects Dave is involved with...
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